Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cotton-Kendrick wins Democratic primary for County Clerk

Theresa Cotton-Kendrick won a three-way Democratic primary for Racine County Clerk on Tuesday.

Cotton-Kendrick, a legislative secretary for the Racine County Board of Supervisors, received 1,625 votes. Lisa Van Koningsveld received 1,472 votes and Tara Schmidt received 757 votes.

Cotton-Kendrick advances to the Nov. 4 election to replace Joan Rennert, who has served as County Clerk position since 1987. Rennert announced earlier this year she was retiring.

Cotton-Kendrick said her message of change resonated with voters of Racine County. She said her main concern for the primary was to inform people about it, since it was expected to have low turnout. “It was very important to let people know,” she said.

Cotton-Kendrick will face Republican candidate Wendy Christensen, the village clerk in Caledonia, in the general election.
Craig Oliver, a political strategist, suggests that Cotton-Kendrick chances of winning the Clerk position is greater being that this is a presidential election year. “Her experience coupe with Obama’s Campaign will bring in new voters which will boost Theresa opportunity immensely,” explained Oliver, who helped to organize her campaign.

Cotton-Kendrick, admits the next weeks will be crucial to her election. “I do know I have a lot of work to do,” Cotton-Kendrick said. “I’m going to be working with my campaign and we will be working on getting the word out.”

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