Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eight-grader at Gilmore jumps in Root River to help classmate

During a school trip on Sept. 10, eighth-grader Keonte Watson and his classmates at Gilmore Middle School were canoeing at the REC Center in Racine.
A canoe with three girls in it tipped over and knocked them into the water. Keonte, who was on the shore at the time, noticed one of the girls wasn't tall enough to reach the bottom of the river. Dressed in nice clothes, he still ran into the water and helped her to the shore.
The selfless act impressed his teachers and led Gilmore Principal Kevin Brown to nominate Keonte for’s “Super School Star Award.”
"He was very nonchalant about it," Brown said about Watson's heroic act. "He just said, 'Mr. Brown, it made my clothes all stinky. I had to throw them all away.'"
"But he ran in without anyone asking him to," Brown added. "He really did help that girl."
Keonte is the first winner of's new, "Super School Star Award." The award honors positive and uplifting stories from our community's schools. It's open to any student, teacher, staff, administrator or anyone else associated with our schools.

Have someone you would like to nominate?

Send us an email at: All you need is a paragraph introducing the person you feel is a Super School Star and a contact number so we can follow up with you. We'll write up a story about award winners, take their picture and give them a certificate.
The more the better ... hopes to run them throughout the school year.

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