Thursday, October 30, 2008

Insider News Endorsement of Obama

Tony Simmons, right, was one of hundreds of voters last Thursday to cast their vote at Racine City Hall. You can vote early at the City Clerk’s office early to avoid the long lines on Election Day, Nov. 4. Simmons said he voted four years ago for Kerry.

Make history on Nov. 4

A historic moment is approaching. When Sen. Barack Obama is elected president on Tuesday, Nov. 4 - and yes, he will win - it will be a victory for the ages. It will not just be a transcendent moment for the United States, a nation ripped apart by race since its inception 232 years ago, but for the world itself. No minority has ever been elected to lead a world superpower.

Think about that.

In the entire history of the world, no group of people in a leading nation has ever elected an ethnic minority as its leader. Humans simply do not do what Americans are about to do.
Obama deserves credit for this accomplishment. He’s run a beautiful campaign, demonstrating steely leadership under the watchful eyes of a ruling class of jackals - Democrats and Republicans - prepared to rip him apart at the sign of any mistake. Obama never made a mistake. He battled state-by-state to defeat heavy favorite Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and never let up against Republican John McCain.

In the process, Obama raised more money than any candidate in U.S. history - much from grassroots donors giving $20 or less - recruited the most powerful volunteer base for any presidential campaign and unleashed a wave of hope and pride in our country since John Kennedy swept to power in 1960.

But Obama did not do this alone. It’s the people who will sweep him into the White House, and it’s you, the voter, who deserves to rejoice in this moment. You have waited, perservered and suffered for this moment to appear. You kept faith, not in government, but your fellow citizens that one day they would do the right thing, that they would set down their prejudices and take up the cause of equality and hope we are born believing and give away to the cynical elite who dismiss as naive the vision of a world as one. At this time, at this moment, we confront cynicism and brush it away as a speck before a mountan of change. We are no longer afraid. We are one.
Do not miss this moment. One day, we will turn to each other and look back on Nov. 4, 2008 and speak with wonder of what we accomplished. It will be the day the world takes notice of the United States as a superpower, not in military or economic might, but in the spirit of kinship, brotherhood and sisterhood.

Through President Obama we will build on these connections. We will dismiss the dialogue of hate and come together to ensure health care for all, to educate our children and to restore our standing as a light to the world. This is our moment. Do not miss it. Get to the polls, bring your family. Cry. Yell. Celebrate! It is our time.

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