Thursday, January 29, 2009

Turner to sign candidacy papers tomorrow

As a huge number of want-to-be mayors' are jockeying for position, one candidate is being questioned as to why he won't make a full commitment to his candidacy.
Representative Robert Turner in a press release said, "I believe I not only have the tools, but the honesty and integrity to restore credibility and fiscal responsibility to the Mayor’s office in Racine," but he fell short in making a definite commitment that he would run for the vacated seat held by former Mayor Gary Becker.
Ken Lumpkin publisher of the Insider News, who was a candidate himself in 2003 mayoral race, said that people like to throw their support behind a candidate early. "There are too many issues that need to be addressed as they relate to the African-American community. We want to hear from all the candidates on how they plan to address the minority community concerns, especially the African-American candidates," he said.
Today Lumpkin said he spoke with City Clerk Janice Martin. She informed him that she had been in contact with Turner and he will sign his declaration of candidacy on Friday, January 30, 2009. This brings to a close talk that suggested Turner was just testing the water and had no plans to step down from his post as a State Representative.
However with Turner becoming the instant front runner, questions are now popping up about which candidate will seek Turner's position in the state if he was to be elected mayor. Most feel that QA Shakoor II and Michael Shields would be the likely two African-American candidates to throw their hats into the ring.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Was that picture taken in 1980? If not, he looks great for a 70 year old.

Anonymous said...

You article was posted on the 28th and said he would file on the 25th? He will file in the past?


Anonymous said...

Ron Turner is a nice guy but not the hardest working or most ambitious alderman/state representative. I overheard Colt "QA and Karas are gods" Klingman say that Turner will keep both jobs-mayor and state rep.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Nola Ratliff should run. She is articulate, intelligent and a dynamic person. Not only would Racine get their first women mayor she would also be Racine's first black mayor. Our own Madame Walker. Go Nola!

Anonymous said...

These are intersting comments. I think Ken Lumpkin should run. He ran several years ago and knows what it takes. He is a successful businessman and well respected in the community. He is also the president of the Racine Interfaith Colaition and a role model and mentor for black youth.

Anonymous said...

The problem is there are so many good people to choose from. However, I think this is how it will go down. Karas and Shakoor will win the primary. Shakoor is more conservative than Karas, a good talker, a real leader who can point to the revitalization of west 6th street. He will get republican, democrat and black votes-edging out Karas. That leaves a vacancy in shakoor's aldderman seat. Wayne Clingman, an activist and film producer and a personal friend and supporter of shakoors will be appointed to the seat by shakoor. Karas will go on to run for a national green party seat and be on the next national ballot-haven risen to almost winning the mayors seat in a large city-not a bda feat for a green candidate.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Bob filed?

GInaB said...

I would be interested in seeing Turner run for mayor. He definitely has the experience. (28 years on the City Council!)

I would also love to see Shakoor in the election. That man is a professional...and I say that with the utmost respect. Out of all the aldermen and supervisors, he is one of the few who often educates himself fully before making a decision or vote. I'm impressed with his character.

Nola Ratliff, on the other hand. Heck, no. Educated? Yes. Professional? Yes. Worked at an administrative level before? Yes. But when it comes to efficiently and effectively making progress? No. What was the dropout rate of Horlick when she was there? The number of students NOT passing the ACT? If she became mayor, she would have a responsibility to these same individuals, now adults. What could she do for them now, that she couldn't achieve then?

Lesia Hill...Another heck, no. When she became the director of the Bryant, she was given a fantastic resource and opportunity to help revitalize the lives of the youth and families of Racine's southside. In my opinion, she wasted that opportunity.

Michael Shields...He's just not ready yet. It's not a good idea to become Mayor, then act angry with everyone you have to lead (ie: the other alderman). Though, I do have to give him credit for pointing out that the other aldermen are attempting to hold Friedel's seat for him during his time as interim mayor. If it hadn't been for Shields, that information wouldn't have been revealed. He plays an important role on the Council, I just dont' think that role will translate well to the Mayoral chair at this time.

In my opinion, we have to look at what people have actually done for our community. There are quite a few professionals who LOOK good for the job, but let's look beyond that and determine who is really mayoral material based on their success for our community thus far.

Anonymous said...

Bob Turner intends to keep the Assembly seat and the mayors seat if he wins. This is totally unfair and not in the best interest of the City. That's a jerk move.