Monday, February 9, 2009

NECKBONEOLOGY: The Black Community Could Choose Racine’s Next Mayor

By Ken Lumpkin, Publisher
Insider News

“Change” might be a national buzzword, but it does not start — or end — with a presidential campaign. In addition, the Insider News is gearing up to remind voters that all politics are local.

It’s important for Racine's African-American voters be educated about the great potential they have in determining the next mayor, alderman, and members to the school board.

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Anonymous said...

If you are sincere in saying that it is important for your readers be educated about making their selection for mayor, alderman and school board, then you should do responsible reporting on all the candidates, not just the ones you want to push. I feel it is in everyone's best interest to vote for the most qualified person to lead. We are past the days of voting on skin color or gender. We need leaders who will commit and dedicate themselves to the position they are elected to serve. The person elected to each respective position must serve and represent their constituants. They should set their own personal agenda aside and make decisions that are best for the people they represent. Racine's history is at a pivitol time, especially the mayoral race. Turner is only willing to work the position part time with full time benefits compliments of the tax payers. Readers of Insider your homework in researching all candidates. Don't let this be your only source of information about the other candidates because it is severely slanted.

Ken Lumpkin said...

The Insider News office has made contact with candidates in the 1st District and also the Mayoral candidates.

Pete Karas and Grey Helding has agreed and their video chat with me will be posted this week. We are asking all the candidates the same questions. The questions are being e-mail to each candidate that respond to our request.

We agree with you that the Insider News readers, " your homework in researching all candidates. Don't let this be your only source of information about the other candidates..."

What we have noted is that until the Insider News started covering local issues, other media news sources were slanted but in another direction.

Anonymous said...

Wow-we have the opportunity to vote in four african american alderman-this could change the balance of power on the city council. And for the first time with have three very qualified and competent african americans running for mayor-Turner, Hill and Shakoor. All are proven leaders and have cross over support within the majority community. We may very well see two african americans survive the primary and emerge as mayor. Change is in the air.

Anonymous said...

While I often agree with Ken Lumpkin's thoughts and I am fully aware his newspaper and blog is intended for the African American community and issues most important to them, I have a really difficult time taking it seriously because of the constant grammatical and spelling errors. Even in comment replies Mr. Lumpkin makes the most basic mistakes.

If you want to raise the bar and offer meaningful ideas in local media: start with yourself and use the spelling and grammar check!

Elf the wonder dog said...

If folks like Keith Fair is the best you can do try harder.
BTW I have yet to see Turner,Hill, or QA on any official listing as running for Mayor.
QA is a great leader as is Turner.
Fair well disgrace comes to mind

JayWarner said...

If the Black Community really educates 'itself' on the issues, they will have set a new record of accomplishment in the American electorate. Most people look at a candidate, get a feeling for or against that person, and spend the rest of the campaign time finding reasons to match that gut assessment. It would be nice if this always produced someone like President Obama, but it doesn't.

That said, I applaud the goal of the Insider News to help with that education. Our legislators will be coming to Case High School on March 30 to hold a State budget hearing. Here's our chance to have our say, up front and public, with the people deciding how to spend our money!

Go for it!