Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Will the next mayor of Racine be Black?

And the plot thickens. First State Representative Robert Turner, an African American, and a veteran politician, announced that he would be a candidate for Racine’s mayor after former mayor Gary Becker was caught in a child sex sting operation at Brookfield Mall in Milwaukee.
In January, Representative Turner in a press release said, “I believe I not only have the tools, but the honesty and integrity to restore credibility and fiscal responsibility to the Mayor’s office in Racine.” He seemed to be one of the top contenders until bloggers started to question whether he planned to give up his state position if he elected.

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in Racine's history two african americans may actually survive the primary. All three candidates have wide appeal across cultures.Why dont Ken Lumpin get in the race. He was a trailblazer.

Big fox said...

6:21 that will not happen. Pete powerhouse will insure that he will be one of the two. The civil war in the Dems will make Helding the other or perhaps Kim.

Big Fox said...

Ken know he would come out very poorly so he will not run why bother when you know you will lose.