Friday, March 6, 2009


Racine, WI – Alderman Greg Helding Monday became the first candidate to file official papers to declare his candidacy for Mayor of Racine. Helding, who led all candidates in recent WRJN online polls, is running on a platform of reform after the forced resignation of Racine’s former mayor.

“Out of every terrible situation, we all have an opportunity to use this as a chance to make dramatic improvements,” said Helding. “We must make changes right now to make this city a better place. This appalling incident should be all the motivation we need to take some bold steps moving forward as a city. I believe the citizens of Racine agree, and I think that is why I have had such overwhelming support in the polls.”

Helding filed more than the legally required number of signatures, and has more coming in the next few days.

“People want to see a change right now,” said Helding. “That is why I find it so easy to collect these signatures. They are responding to my plans to deal forcefully with gangs and drug dealers that are ruining our quality of life. We cannot tolerate it any longer. Teachers, parents and businesspeople have told me that our schools are not getting the support that they need. They want a Mayor to lead on education, not blame others.
Our city and our schools must improve together.”

“Sadly, child sexual predators are still a menace to our city,” said Helding. “My previous attempts to deal with this problem were blocked. We have not taken the simple steps other cities have taken to protect ourselves. People want me to take action, and I will.”

Helding also announced the launch of his website,, where voters can read about his plans for Racine and keep in touch with the campaign.

“This is the end of something terrible and can be the beginning of something tremendous. That is what my campaign for Mayor is all about,” said Helding.

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