Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Insider News Interviews John Dickert, a Candidate for Mayor

John Dickert is one of 11 candidates seeking to replace former Mayor Gary Becker after he resigned recently. Kenneth Lumpkin, publisher of the Insider News, interviews Dickert on issues of importance to the African American community. A citywide primary election will be held Tuesday April 7, 2009 to decide which two of the field of candidates will face off in the May General election. Other candidates are expected to be interviewed in the upcoming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Well rehearsed and slick. Not very "Racine."

Is there anything this guy does not take credit for??? Oh yeah, Pointe Blue and then there is that Riverbend Lofts thing that is now bankrupt.

John Dickert would be a good candidate for Governor of New Jersey, but not Mayor of Racine.

Anonymous said...

John Dickert = Gary Becker

Malinda said...

Could you please change your poll to more accurately reflect the candidate pool? There are not just 3 candidates running for mayor here - there are 11. Black folks have 11 choices, not just 3.
Get it together. This mindset is old school. It's the same mindset that results in the local NAACP having a whole bunch of older members and next to zero younger members. We don't think like this.
We recognize that there are 11 candidates. We don't unconciously narrow the field down to 3 just because they are black.

Anonymous said...

John Dicker = AIG

Anonymous said...

John Dickert = Mc2
What's with the four word bashing? Yawn.

John said...

John Dickert= Superman
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and attract new jobs to Racine.

Anonymous said...

John Dickert used "dirty tricks" in the race with Turner.
Banked rolled the race to get Q.A. off the council
I think this man is no friend to blacks in Racine