Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Insider News Interviews Robert Turner, a Candidate for Mayor

Robert Turner is one of 11 candidates seeking to replace former Mayor Gary Becker after he resigned recently. Kenneth Lumpkin, publisher of the Insider News, interviews Turner on issues of importance to the African American community. A citywide primary election will be held Tuesday April 7, 2009 to decide which two of the field of candidates will face off in the May General election. Other candidates are expected to be interviewed in the upcoming weeks.


Anonymous said...

I agree that you have the best understanding of local government and knowing your way around the state capitol is the best thing that cold every happen to Racine.

We need someone that can steer funds from the state to Racine. Not another Becker that was always looking over the administrator shoulder.

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:49

And where were the funds steered here during Rep. Turner's long career in the Assembly???

He has proven himself ineffective in Madison. Let's not elect him as an ineffectual mayor, too.

A nice man, but would make a not-so-good mayor.

Anonymous said...

I can't even watch this whole thing. Rob Turner can't even speak intelligently about these issues. he has not idea how to research a question or an issue, all we hear on this interview is what he would have done, nothing about what he has brought to Racine. I agree he is a nice m an, but is totally inept and ineffective as a Representative. Tis is not the quality we need in a mayor right now, we need a mayor of action, that is not Bob Turner.