Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rally Draws Tax Protesters on Steps of City Hall

Fred Dooley speaks to a crowd of about 250 protesters.

Signs said it all for both groups. “Read My Lipstick, No More Pork," read one crude hand made sign, while another asked “Where were you for the last 8 years?
Jody Harding makes her way to the steps of City Hall to address protesters.

The two are examples of the sentiment raised by two opposing groups on the grounds of City Hall today (April 18, 2009).
People of Racine are Tea’d Off is Racine's version of the nationwide tea bag rallies -- mirrored around the Boston Tea Party of 1773.

Protesters mostly Republican, mostly conservative, except for a small handful of Obama Democrats, from the Community for Change group, cheered as anti-tax speakers such as Jayne Siler, Fred Dooley, Cathy Stepp, and mayoral write-in candidate Jody Harding spoke out against any new taxes. Harding said, "I came to talk about taxes. It's not just about our money, it's about our liberty. The enemy is apathy, helplessness and despair. We will not turn over our future to a mindless and mostly inept government."

Gloria Rogers, a member of Obama's Community for Change, held a sign asking, "Where Were You for the Last 8 Years?

When Pastor David King of Milwaukee, an African American, asked if there were any liberals in the crowd... "The ones that are for taxes. Can you come up and pay mine?"—Carl Lassiter, a member of the local branch of the NAACP and the Democracy Party made his way from the back row and laid a penny at King’s feet.

Apostle David A. King, of Milwaukee God Squad, is shown in the background. In the foreground a sign hung saying, "1 True God."

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colt said...

Soon the 300 will grow to 3000 in Racine
the 6000 in Madison will grow to 600K the end to the Obama Marxism is coming.
Even Obama's upcoming ending of free speech will not stop the rage of the fed up American votes.