Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stella Young Wants Her Highjacked Seat Back


colt said...

Ms Young should get her seat but of couse Kim the DEMOCRAT will not willing give it up.

Anonymous said...

I hope this ethics investigation results in some answers. It would seem that a person of their word would not so quickly go back on their promise. Can't say that I would put my trust in Plache.

Why in the world did people vote for someone who had clearly stated she was no longer interested in the school board race? Are the people of the RUSD so uniformed that they just picked any name?

Cynthia said...

Ms. Young, this seat was not stolen from you.

Based on recent polls, it was obvious that Plache would not be winning a coveted spot in the final Mayoral race. However, her showing and support in that race were good. Any real School Board candidate would have realized that this meant she might receive stronger support for a seat she was more likely to win -- the School Board seat.

Just because you were leading early in the evening does not mean you were destined to win. Nothing is certain until all polls are accounted for. And when they were, you were outvoted. It's simple math. More people voted for a candidate who wasn't even interested in the position than voted for you.

I understand you are upset, Ms. Young, but your anger is translating as a sense of entitlement. It's embarassing.

Anonymous said...

even if plache says no....
who says the seat goes to stella?

Anonymous said...

It would seem the voters have spoken, and by a margin of about 10%.
Stella - get real, you came in fourth.
Grow up. Show Racine how a minority can be a gracious loser.

Anonymous said...

"The remedy is to allow the person who won the seat to take the seat, and I won the seat."

Really? Checking vote totals...

Nope. Sorry. You actually got fourth place. Not First. Or Second. Or even third.

You may not like it, but you have ZERO legal recourse to this seat.

Even if Plache had resigned after winning, the seat would still not be yours. The board would have been able to appoint someone of their choosing.

You can be upset, but taking ownership of something that was never yours is just silly.

anonymous said...

As the previous person stated, Stella, the seat is not, was not, and never will be yours. You finished fourth. Don't you get the message that the voters did not want you elected to the school board? Even if Kim did not take the seat, the board has the right and authority to appoint someone else to the seat and I'd be willing to bet everything I own it would not be either you or John Leiber. In fact it shouldn't be either of you. Grow up. You LOST. Quit acting like the sore loser you are.

Anonymous said...

why don't you spare us the self evaluation of your qualifications and let the voters pick whom they think to be the better suited for the seat.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but i now have Young as a psyc professor, i transferred from gateway from one of the state universities and now, well i am in her class. I have to say while she can be fun around the students sometime, she is not professor material.
Right now she has her students do a presentation on each chapter and then she reviews each chapter for 10 minutes (the longest she has so far and its mid semester now).

She also has outwardly said she favors one race to the entire class, she is very unclear on what she wants when she gives an assignment and when students ask after about 3 questions she says "you obliviously aren't listening to me why don't you ask the other students what i expect"
Also she has said if you donate $20 dollars to the united way you get an A on the 3rd unit test and whoever donates the most gets an A on the final. while im all for having people support their favorite charities, as i have work with the united ways programs before, i think this is the wrong setting and is buying a grade. i am going to be taking it to the dean relatively soon as are many other students.
Based on this if she does run again i will actively campaign against her.
I hope people read this and i like her as a person has great intent but what i have seen of her teaching isn't note worthy.

Anonymous said...

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