Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Do You Want To Ask The Candidates?

If you had the opportunity to ask the next mayor a question on how he plans to improve Racine, the Insider News wants to provide you with that ability.

The Insider News publisher will be posting a number of questions to both Robert Turner and John Dickert on issues facing the African American community prior to the special election on May 5.  These questions could include their views on solving the problems of the highest unemployment among African American males in the state, crime, and housing.  You can call in or e-mail us questions that you wish us to ask the two candidates.

“The African American community represents 27% of the city of Racine’s population. They have unique challenges and we feel that it is paramount that both candidates explain how they will address these issues effectively.” 

The streaming video of the interviews will be posted to the Insider News’ website located at: or 262.632.9370 

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