Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends Pour Out in Support of a Freiend

Kathy Liggins and Debra Stephens watch as model Carissa Heckle showcases formalwear at Liggins’ benefit.  Below:  Zakiah Jackson and Joe Berryman caught the attention of the audience with their casual wear.

A benefit fashion show and dinner was held for Kathy Liggins, a  well known local fashion designer. 

In December she was stricken with a crippling stroke and now suffers from the devastating effects of it.  Liggins has fought back hard from her stroke and has shown a remarkable improvement in her recovery in a short time. 
About 100 of her friends were on hand Sunday May 24, at the Park 6 Lounge to wish her well and view members of her modeling troupe reenacted at Liggins’  2008 modeling production titled “A Look Down The Runway,” held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Dionne Archie, who modeled in the fashion show and a Coordinator of the event said, “It was an honor for her to host a fundraiser for Liggins.”  “It was great to see the overwhelming love and support from all of her family and friends.”

She said it is the organizers hope that the fundraiser was just the beginning and people will continue their on-going support.  “We are thankful to all who attended the event and contributed to the Fund at Educator's Credit Union,” she explained. 

 Helen Lumpkin, a longtime friend of Liggins, said that she also was inspired by the tremendous support. “Her support just shows how people can come together and open up their hearts when people are in need,” stated Lumpkin.

Liggins, who is well known for her designer hats, received ovations when several of the models stepped on stage wearing her hats.

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Anonymous said...

The fundraiser was a great idea and my heart goes out to Ms. Liggins because of her medical condition.

However, these dresses are an atrocity. I'm tired of designers putting Queens in hooker's outfits. That pink dress is so short that it's practically a shirt. Is this what passes for class in our community?