Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Morgan earns another degree: Believes that education determines ones future

Hallema Ghani Morgan is quick to say that education determines ones future. “Education is important in today’s society because without it, many of our youth commence to fail themselves and the community,” she explained.
Morgan, who graduated from Washington Park High School in 1985, moved back to Wisconsin from Florida in 1994, and received two Associate Degrees from Gateway Technical College; a C.I.S. Microcomputer Specialist in 2001 and a C.I.S. Network specialist in 2002.
She is the recipient of two additional degrees from Cardinal Stritch University, Kenosha; a Bachelors of Science in Management in May 2007 and most recently in May she earned a Master of Science in Management.
Morgan believes that young people decrease their chances of living a successful, productive life and the ability to provide a better life for their families by not obtaining a formal education. “If we as people (African-Americans) can help change the attitude of our youth towards education into a positive one, they can achieve their highest attitude of self-gratification and self worth,” she tells young adults.
She concludes, “Without education, not only will our youth become lost, we as people will be lost. Your attitude towards education determines your attitude in life.”

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