Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Students celebrate successful campaigne for observance of King’s Holiday

Above: Jennifer Levie and Sherrie Lawson sung “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” as students marched to the King’s statue on the corner of King’s Drive and Marquette Street. Below: Mayor John Dickert stops cars as marchers cross the street near State Street.

Today was like the civil rights marches of the 60’s. From the Dr. Martin Luther King Center, a group of 75 children and adults sung Lift Every Voice and Sing, as they made their way south to the base of King’s statue, located on the corner of King’s Drive and Marquette Street.

Two student groups from Horlick High School werejoined by the local branch of the NAACP and Voices De La Frontera to celebrate their success in petitioning the Racine Unified School Board to make Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday a school holiday.

Our members, our community, and our allies, worked long and hard to bring this issue to your attention,” said Brittany Callaway.

Callaway who gradated last year from Horlick High, said that in the end their voice was heard. “We are here today to say thank you. It means a lot to us that Dr. Martin Luther King is recognized by the District.”

Eddie Murillo, a junior at Horlick High School said that he wanted to remind everyone what they were there for. “This is more than just a day off school. It is time to recognize and remember the great man Dr. Martin Luther King and what he stood for,” he told the listeners.
Alderman Michael Shields, president of the Racine NAACP said that the young people were to be commended. “To do any type of protest takes courage. You are our future and you are to be highly praised for your efforts.”

The groups announced that they would work hard to put together a celebration on that day (King’s Birthday) and asked the public to join them in making it a success.

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