Thursday, January 21, 2010

Candidate for 4th District Alderman wants a better future for a new generation

By Dominica Jaramillo
Every storm starts with just a drop of rain. A fire begins from a single flame. For 4th District Alderman candidate, Sherri Lawson, her vision for change starts with a single step forward. With a desire to see her community take a turn for the better, her aspirations are to create a better place for generations to come.

Running against current 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan, Lawson’s confidence in her ability to contended sprouts from her grassroots approach to the community she hopes to serve.

A substitute teacher for the Racine Unified school system, Lawson says she knows many families, and their children, within her target district. She has also begun to branch further out into the community, going door-to-door, meeting people and questioning their concerns for their district, concerns she soon hopes to address.

A Racine native, and a resident of the 4th District, Lawson has ideas for what she’d like to see change in her neighborhood. Major issues she would like to address include the integration of desirable economic development within the area and bring an end to the proliferation of crime. She has a desire to create a new park, complete with a playground, picnic tables, and more ‘green space’, next to Julian Thomas Elementary School, where the old Homeward Bound homeless shelter used to be. Lawson also hopes to permanently remove any liquor stores within 100 feet of the school and park, as well.

A mother of two and a grandmother of two, Lawson’s concern for the community runs deep. In a place where she knows her grandchildren are going to experiences bits and pieces of life, she wants to confirm a safe environment, full of opportunities and hope. Moreover, this is her vision for all the 4th district’s children: a better community and a better tomorrow brought about by the single act of stepping out for change.