Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Foundation of Life Director explains her program to the public

The Foundation of Life is nonprofit project headed by Tessa Brown, and it is designed to provide intensive family-centered services to the entire family, the teen mothers (ages 13-19) being the nucleus of the program. Our program promotes positive parent and child interaction by supporting, strengthening and reinforcing teen parents with child development and child management information.

In an effort to reduce family isolation with the teen father, case management and group meetings are conducted with the teen mother, baby, her parent (or support person) and the father of the baby. Group meetings and case management reflect independent living, employment, education, child development and family dynamic skills.

Brown’s Foundation of Life program was one of three that was first funded by the City of Racine. Under pressure from the mayor according to inside sources were made to change their earlier approval to cut the three. (Read more: City committee reverses itself, votes to give money to Racine homeless shelter, literacy council)

We wanted our readers to know about the group that was cut. Watch for our three part series on these groups.

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