Thursday, February 25, 2010

Insider News now can be read online

Kenneth Lumpkin, owner of Insider News, says the bimonthly newspaper can now be read online. The 20-year-old newspaper which first edition was created with a manual typewriter, now has the ability to be viewed worldwide thanks to the Internet.

Lumpkin says that this is especially good for students or individuals that have moved out of the city, but still want to keep up with the news that is occurring in their hometown. Another potential is that people who have missed ian edition or have been 7unable to locate the newspaper drop-off locations, can always go to the website to view a particular edition.

The archiving of the newspaper will only go back to the beginning of the year.

By clicking on the newspaper to the right(Black History Edition), it will automatically take you to a page which allow you to turn the newspaper page-by-page.

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