Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Don’t We Hold Our Black Athletes Accountable? Everyone Else Does!

By LaVaron Lumpkin

Gilbert Arenas took guns into the locker room, or as the rest of us call it, “The Workplace”. I have heard complaint after complaint that the NBA is being too hard on him by suspending him for the remainder of the season. I am curious to understand where this is coming from. Truth be told, if you or I bring guns, loaded or not, into the workplace, we don’t get suspended, we get fired! As for the criminal charges…all I will say is, “Dude, did you not see what happened to Plaxico Burress last year?” Arenas got exactly what he deserved. Hopefully, the rest of the wanna-be thugs will take notice that you are given a gift that allows you to realize your financial dreams and stop the stupidity that jeopardizes that opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Ken, who is this guy? Is he related to you? Whoever he is, he has the courage to say what alot of us are thinking. I look forward to his articles and I hope he keeps them coming.

Anonymous said...

My son!