Monday, March 8, 2010

Changing things around for the 2nd district: Jameel Ghauri has plans as the next alderman

By Dominica Jaramillo

Change seems to be the ongoing theme these last couple of years; and appropriately so. Communities and citizens have faced the woes of bad decision making and a recessed economy for far too long. Second district alderman candidate Jameel Ghuari agrees with the need for change, and that’s exactly what he plans to bring to the table.

A native Racinian, Ghuari is most known for his long term position as executive director of the John Bryant Center. With already 30 years in the social service sector, Ghuari looks at the new position as an opportunity to broaden his service to others. In addition to being an effective leader in the community, Ghuari also maintains, “I am a fighter. If there are issues that need to be fought, if there’s a need for someone to do the right thing, I am that person.” So what issues does Jameel plan to ‘fight’ as the second district alderman?

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