Friday, March 19, 2010

Lifelong northside resident named to head GOTV for young adults

Kenneth Lumpkin, a candidate for Racine 4th District County Board Supervisor, has appointed Angie Nunn to head his get out to vote campaign.
Lumpkin, who served as Supervisor for eight years, is trying to take back his seat from Jim Kaplan, who defeated him by only one vote in 2008.
Lumpkin says Nunn, will work to encourage young voters between the age of 18 and 35 the importance of voting in local elections.
Nunn says, “Our young people do not have a problem with voting in national presidential elections, but do not understand that local elections have a greater impact on their day-to-day lives”
In addition to helping registering new voters, she will be in charge of educating people on who is eligible to vote. “Many younger voters who are felons feel they can no longer exercise their right to vote,” she said. “People who are no longer “on papers” (no longer on probation) have a right to vote.” she explained.
Lumpkin says over the years there has been a great deal of criticism about the young minority voter. “We want to make sure that their voices and concerns are heard.”
Lumpkin says that he and other candidates running for office would like to know what’s on the minds of our young people.”
A listening session has been planned for Thursday March 25, at 6 pm, at the the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Center, 1134 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. The event is sponsored by Lumpkin and Sherrie Lawson, who are candidates for 4th District Alderman and Supervisor positions.
Resident will be able to speak on issues that will impact their live as residents of the 4th District.
For additional information call: 262.632.9370

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