Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Athlete’s Cheat On Their Wives – The Real Story

I want to first comment on Tiger Wood’s apology to the public by asking “Why? Why? Why?” He owes none of us an apology. The only people he owes an apology to are his wife, children, family, and business partners. He owes the game of golf nothing. He owes the media nothing. And he owes me and you nothing…so please, get over it! And to the mistresses that have publicly said they want an apology from him...are you serious? It’s not like you didn’t know who he was and that he had a wife and kids. The last time I checked, that makes you all “Home wreckers”! Therefore, if anyone should be apologizing, you all should apologize to his wife and kids for the damage that you caused and be accountable to the roles that you played in this whole circus!

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