Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lumpkin win back seat

4th District: Kaplan vs. Lumpkin
Ken Lumpkin won back the seat he once held on the board. Lumpkin, 63, owner of the Insider News, defeated incumbent Supervisor Jim Kaplan, 61, a retired city employee.
Lumpkin won with 202 votes over Kaplan's 131. Two years ago Lumpkin lost the election by one vote in the District he had served from 2000 to 2008.
He said that his success this time was based on a good ran organization that spoke of government for all people of the 4th District.
"This was a movement that included the young and old," said Lumpkin. He credit Sherrie Lawson, a school teacher and a candidate for Alderman for drawing hundreds of young people to the polls. "It was her attracting so many young people that made the difference."
Lumpkin says one of his first plans is to work towards having a job fair in the 4th District this year. "We must move our young people into the job market in order to tackle the high unemployment among people in the 4th District.

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