Thursday, May 27, 2010

The City Target Another Black to Close

In the early 90’s there were about 28 African American bars, taverns, and Lounges. In less than two decades, the city has managed to close most of them leaving nine for a city whose African American population is well over 26,000.
History shows that every since Blacks have moved to Racine in the 40’s they have sought to entertain themselves within their own community.
In the early 70’s Aldermen began using the closing of Black bars to prove their worth as elected officials. An example is how Jim Kaplan, Alderman of the 4th District, during his recent campaign for Alderman bragged how he closed Viper’s Lounge and others small businesses in his district

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OrbsCorbs said...

Vipers Lounge was on the corner of N. Wisconsin and High, not Erie. I lived two blocks away. It was a constant source of fights, drug dealing, urnination, and gunplay on the streets surrounding it. Constant trouble whenever it was open. I don't care what color the patrons or bar owner were, they constantly caused trouble for others. THAT is why they were closed down.

Your victimology keeps your people enslaved to the Man.

City Hall Insider said...

Mr. Lumpkin, you allege that the city has closed 19 black bars during the past 25 years. You claim to be a journalist-why don't you do an investigative article and list the 19 bars and the reasons the city took away their license. You should also look into the behaviour of the patrons to many of these bars and ask whether or not they are contributing to the problem. Instead of worrying about sagging you should write a neckbone column on them.