Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rehabilitated property on Marquette Street has significant impact on community

Phillip KIdd, right, shows Bishop Elliott K. Cohen, left, housing plans.

Racine, Wisconsin- a newly created minority-led construction company has recently completed a rehabilitation project at 1017 Marquette Street.

This project involved more than the reconfiguration of bricks and mortar, it represented a statement of hope for the revitalization of our community and the restoration of the lives of individuals that were fighting to redeem themselves from past mistakes.

The Project Manager, Phillip Kidd, was a former drug dealer and user that was facing 25 years to life for his past transgressions. Upon learning about the potential of rehabbing the house on Marquette Street and training summer workers through the Racine County’s “E3” Program, Phillip Kidd embarked on a crusade of redemption to help others avoid the past mistakes of his life.

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