Thursday, July 8, 2010

UPDATE:Oliver grants interview to the Insider News

Craig Oliver, the organization's community coordinator for the Racine Branch NAACP was tight-lipped Wednesday July 7, 2010 about a report leaked this to this blog site and the Racine Post. The ten page report accuses Downtown Racine "stakeholders" of being "modern day plantation owners". Oliver gave this blog sight an interview that will be posted at noon today.


Anonymous said...

Memo to blogger: this isn't a "blog sight." It is a web site (not sight) and it is a blog. Calling it a "blog sight" makes you sound old and out of touch.

OrbsCorbs said...

It took me three times to sit through the whole video. I would really like that 15 minutes of my life back. This is just more rambling accusations and proclamations with absolutely NO citations or references to facts or record. Is this what you do: interview each other and talk about how you feel different from everyone and everyone "looks" at you differently? R U serious?

Mr. Oliver himself testifies to the "mayhem" (his own words) that he witnessed in the streets around the bars that are the focus of the NAACP's report. He calls it a near-riot situation. Yet he finds the bars blameless, as if these marauders just appear from out of nowhere to terrorize 6th Street.

Seriously, this is what you do? You sit around and blame whitey instead of finding the missing fathers to your children and healing the enormous fractures in your families?

Sad, sad, sad.

Anonymous said...

-Who wrote the report?
-Does it speak for the NAACP?
-Why are there no sourced facts?
-Who leaked it and why?

Geez Ken, talk about burying the lead! Are you a journalist or what?

Anonymous said...

The entire "report" incident is a farce. It's like a cloud of wind that someone passed, stinking up a room, but no one will take responsibility for it. Poorly conceived, even more poorly written, it is filled with references to plantations by an African-American who has seen neither a plantation or Africa.

This is how the NAACP conducts business? Leaking a "report" that is just a screed against whites and the police, but no one will own up to it? They should lose their charter. I'm sure that the national NAACP does not condone this type of crap.

GregH said...

Ken -

Please provide me a list of the 32 bars that you say used to exist and the 10 that still do. I would also like to know why and when the 22 bars were closed and what about the closures you feel was unfair, unjust, or motivated by racism.

Beastie Boys said...

Hey, Racine NAACP, (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)!