Thursday, September 9, 2010

Local African American publishers speaks of the uniqueness of their publications

Morris Reece, WGTD 91.1 FM radio program “Community Matters”, brought together three African American publishers here in Racine to discuss each of their unique publications. The show aired recently featured Kenneth Lumpkin, owner of the Insider News, DeAnna Ford, publisher of the Vine, and Lisa Parham, publisher of the Racine Mirror.

Listen how each paper has carved their own nick in the high competitive newspaper market.

Copy and paste the like below to hear the show:


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Downtown Brown said...

Ken and readers,

Hope to see you at Pershing Park tomorrow, Niger Innis and Pastor David King are Spokesman for C.O.R.E. and the God Squad respectively. also I believe Pastor King is an Author as well.

TEA Party is on the Lake front and is free, come Pay tribute to 9/11 and hear a few speakers on important issues which will effect all of us. Racine is the most diverse city in Wisconsin..from our diversity comes our strength. There will be Q & A from the Audience.. hope your questions get asked.