Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Four of Johnson's employees wants to give families a joyful Christmas

The season is upon us where families are preparing for their Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Food, fun, and family are all a part of the joy of the season. This is a great time of the year for many. But imagine for a moment that you suddenly lost your job. Bills are mounting and you do not have a clue on how they are going to be paid. The holiday season is here and you do not know how you are going to feed your children from day-to-day, much less trying to organize a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. This is a reality for countless destitute families. Thanks to the compassion and generosity of four people, Al Johnson, Lemont Allen, John Carter, and April Boisseau, a program called “Friends of the Community” is on the scene to bring help to those who are hurting. They provide food baskets for families in November and December.

These caring individuals work for S.C. Johnson and received their start for this program from the African-American Business Council (AABC), a group that was birthed within the company to give minority employees a voice. The AABC started various projects in the community, and due to difficult economic times, was not able to continue funding some of their programs. However, Johnson, Allen, Carter, and Boisseau felt that this program was needed in the community and stepped up to the plate to continue it on their own.

Friends of the community have been in existence for over 2 years. Each year they give away 6 food baskets to people who are in need during the holiday season. Names are submitted to them through Social Services and other organizations that are in touch with families who need assistance. In addition to the food program, they also support small sports teams around the city and plan to have a cookout for the veteran’s hospital in the summer.

Friends of the Community hold several fundraisers throughout the year to bring in funds for the program including a wine tasting, which was just held at uncorked on Main St. in Racine and a gold outing.
Every gift you give and every prayer you offer makes a difference. You could provide hope an support to families this year through your generosity. Please, do whatever you can to help. You can visit the website: racinefoc.com or email: racinefoc@yahoo.com

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