Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top photo: A mother takes a box of toys to her car from the annual Racine's Tex Reynolds’ Toys for Tots giveaway, held at 800 Center Street. Above: Markeva Turner prepares to load two boxes of toys to brighten her kids Christmas this year.

Toys for Tots is a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose to ensure every needy kid in the Racine County area has a wonderful holiday season. It is a challenging goal that takes not only the hundreds of volunteers working at the Toys for Tots workshop and from home, but also the thousands of families that donate unneeded, unused or repairable toys to the program each year.

Ours is a story of helping hands trying to improve the quality of life in our community. We hope that you will read our story and join in our quest. There are many aspects of the Toys for Tots program where your skills and talents (regardless of what they might be) can be utilized. Our volunteers work hard throughout the year, but it is a fun journey.

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