Thursday, October 9, 2008

Local UPS driver delivered kick-off ball for last week's Packer game

Calvin Martin, a veteran driver for UPS, delivered the football that was used at Lambeau Field last Sunday to kickoff the game between the Packers and the Atlanta Falcons. 

Martin, who says he is a die-hard Green Bay Packer fan, is the husband of Racine City Clerk Janice Martin, who tipped us off to this story. 

Martin has been with UPS for the past 20 years. He said delivering the football was the highlight of his career. 

When asked how he was chosen, he responded, “They thought I was a good choice because I am a good employee.” 

In addition to handing the ball over to Gorden “Red” Batty, the Packer’s equipment manager, Martin and his wife were given a pair of tickets on the 50-yard line.    

Martin said that he had mixed feeling about Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets.  “I did not like the way it went down,” he said. “I think that they should have kept him on for a year or two, but I can see their point that Brett Favre could not make up his mind whether or not he wanted to retire.” 

He says that today he’s a Packer fan and a Jets watcher.

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