Sunday, October 12, 2008

Racine's Hip Hop Artists release video

By Kenneth Lumpkin

I am not a great fan of Hip-Hop, and that has a lot to do with my age.  However, a few weeks ago I took some time out to watch the filming at the lakefront of Cheeze State Interprise production of  "Donk Ryders". 

Seeing these videos on television,  I often wonder how they were made.  Another reason is that a few little kids that live on my block were in the video and a part of it was filmed a few doors from my home. 

The entire production was bank rolled by their production company.  The two hope to get a positive response from viewers and hope that at some time it is aired nationally.  Since the making of the video, I have gotten to  know my neighbors better and wish them well.  I hope you enjoy their production. 

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Born n Raised said...

This video is ok, for someone coming out of Racine. I am not a big fan of rap any longer, but it seem like these young men kept it clean. Good luck in their future endeavors!