Monday, December 15, 2008

Bond for White set at $250,000

Adrial White's murder conviction was thrown out, but it seem that he will remain in jail unable to make bail set a $250,000. He was back in court last week asking a judge to lower his bail so he could be released from custody while he awaits his next trial, but the judge wasn't hearing any of it.
Judge Charles Constantine denied White’s lawyer’s request to lower his bail so he could walk free pending the next trial.
Back in 2006, a commissioner set White's bail at $250,000 after he was charged with murdering Christopher "Eric" Carbajal and shooting Carbajal's friend Enrico Serra, after he caught them breaking into his girlfriend's car.
A jury convicted White, but last week, the judge threw it out because he didn't think White's attorney provided a good defense for him.
Judge Constantine says despite the fact that White and his family believe he is innocent, he is still facing murder charges. Judge Constantine says he doesn't think it would be right to make it any easier for White to get out of jail now.
“He was unsuccessful in the first trial and obviously there are no guarantees that he'll be successful in the second, so he does represent, in my opinion, a possible flight risk,” Judge Constantine said.
White will be back in court next week when he'll learn of his new trial date.
Supporters of White feel that he should be freed the same as Joe Horn, the man who fatally shot two suspects who were allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s home.
In that case Horn, who is White, told a police dispatcher exactly what he intended to do. Caller: “Don’t move, your dead.”
Moments later Horn shot the two suspects with a shotgun. Aired on national television, viewers could hear the shots over the dispatchers speakers.
He was never charged in the shooting and became somewhat of a hometown hero to the conceal-and-carry supporters.

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