Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First African-American throws hat into the race

UPDATE: More Blacks expected to announce candidacy

State Representative Robert Turner (D-Racine) announced last week that he is seriously considering joining the mayoral race in the wake of Mayor Gary Becker’s resignation.
Turner, a 28-year veteran of the Racine City Council, points to his experience working with four Racine mayors (Olsen, Davies, Smith and Becker) since he was first elected to the Racine Common Council in 1976. Turner left the Council in 2004.

Turner stated that he has extensive knowledge of the workings of Racine's city government, his 15-year tenure as Chairman of the Finance and Personnel Committee, and his genuine love of Racine are motivation for his decision. Representative Turner has also represented the City of Racine in the State Assembly since 1991. “I believe I not only have the tools, but the honesty and integrity to restore credibility and fiscal responsibility to the Mayor’s office in Racine,” said Turner. As of noon today, January 21, Turner has not filed his declaration for his candidacy according to a City Clerk staffer.

Turner joins a long list of candidates that are expected to jump into the mayoral race after Becker's sex scandal surfaced. Pete Karas was first to file a declaration of candidacy for Mayor, but he won't be the last. Already this afternoon, Jody Harding and Greg Helding made the trek to the City Clerk's office to join the race. It is also believed that Rep. Cory Mason might run, and others who have expressed interest include Council President David Maack, 8th District Alderman Q.A. Shakoor, II and 13th District Alderman Jame Spangenberg.

Each day that passes, the list of candidates grows longer and longer for a replacement for former Mayor Gary Becker.
The most recent name to be rumored for the top city post is Lesia Hill-Driver, the director of the Dr. John Bryant Center, located on Racine's south side.
Hill, who served on the Racine County Board for 10 years and was acknowledged by the YWCA as a Woman of Destination for her longtime community service, expressed that she could be a candidate.
Most recently she has worked as an instructor at Gateway Technical College.
A community political analyst for the Insider News said that Hill would bring a great deal of political experience to the table. “Coupled with her administrative skills and her ability to work with people makes her a candidate well worth watching.”

Another African American woman, Nola Ratliff, the former principal of Horlick High School is also exploring the possibility of seeking the position of Mayor.
Ratliff says that the city needs experienced leadership. She touts her 25 years in administration as what the city needs to get back on the right track. “Racine needs leadership that is moving the city forward in a positive and innovative way,” she said. She makes the case that Racine needs fresh leadership that has not been tainted by policies of Becker and the present administration.


Anonymous said...


Turner runs for mayor and wins

Karas runs for mayor and loses

Karas runs for Turner's assembly seat and "spoils"

Republican wins assembly seat

How very stupid are the Dems???

Anonymous said...

People in Racine have ego problems.

Anonymous said...

the other option is that pete wins as a green in the assembly election

the democrats lose the district either way

Anonymous said...

You would think that Alderman Shields or Alderman Q. A. Shakoor would be better candidates to replace Turner if he should be lucky and win.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they would be better candidates, but could they win if there was Green Karas siphoning votes away??? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Point one: Too many good people running in this primary! Also, too many not-very-good people. What a dilemma for Racine!
Point two: If Turner wins the mayor's race, no Republican can possibly win in Turner's assembly district. --- molly's grandma

Anonymous said...

A Republican could win if Karas (running as a Green) takes 10-20% of the vote.

Of course, he could also take 34% and then a Green, not a Dem would be our State Rep.

Don't underestimate Pete Karas.

Anonymous said...

Pete Karas is a joke. He was an ineffective alderman who did absolutely nothing for his district and the city. He was more concerned about issueing press releases and seeing his name in the paper instead of actually doing something.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:09,

You apparently do not know Pete or his record very well. He did very well in office and within his/my district.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:54

what did Karas do during his time on the city council?

where is the power plant? appears he lost interest.

what other iniatatives did he spearhead?

nothing memorable.

L8ManChecker said...

My top choice is in here.

John Ringo said...

Karas is far better then anyone else running

However Q.A and Kaplin would do good jobs.
Maack and Helding need to explane why they took money from Becker in the past and now that the world know how sick Becker is why they have not returned it?
The Insider's community political analyst needs to sober up
Anon 10:04 Did I ever see you at a Bright Public Power meeting?

Real Debate said...

I'm so tired of racist garbage.

Who cares how many people of this race or that are running.

Tell me what the candidates want to do not what their skin tone is.

Anonymous said...

Please God - not Nola! Horlick is still cleaning up her mess!!