Thursday, January 22, 2009

Publisher Wants Black Candidates to Committ

As a huge number of want-to-be mayors' jockey for position, one candidate is being questioned to why he won't make a full commitment to his candidacy.

Representative Robert Turner in a press release said, “I believe I not only have the tools, but the honesty and integrity to restore credibility and fiscal responsibility to the Mayor’s office in Racine,” but he fell short in making a definite commitment that he would run for the vacated seat held by former Mayor Gary Becker.

Ken Lumpkin, publisher of the Insider News, who was a candidate himself in 2003 mayoral race, said that people like to throw their support behind a candidate early. He says that he feels both Aldermen/Supervisor QA Shakoor and Representative Turner should make up their minds as early as possible. "Both are viable candidates that would likely get the support of the African-American community, but I feel it is not fair for either candidate to keep the community hanging in suspense," said Lumpkin. "There are too many issues that need to be addressed as they relate to the African-American community. We want to hear from all the candidates on how they plan to address the minority community concerns, especially the African-American candidates," he said.

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nice poll, but you forgot to put Karas' name on it!