Monday, January 26, 2009

Rogers tries for second time to unseat Helding

Alderman Greg Helding, who had expected to be unopposed in the Spring election, will face a write-in opponent.

For 11th District voters, this election looks almost exactly like the one two years ago. The difference this time; Helding is seeking re-election to the City Council as he nears the end of his second term. Again, he is being opposed by businesswoman Gloria Rogers. Only this time she will be launching a write-in campaign.

Rogers, who has run for the alderman position for the past two terms, last week filled out papers as a write-in candidate for the district, which includes Humble Park and Georgetown.

Rogers told supporters that working with the Obama campaign has kept her from filling out the declaration of candidacy papers earlier. "In light of what has happened to the city in recent weeks, it's important that our 11th District has someone that is thinking about the neighborhood full time," she explained.

Rogers said Helding is too pre-occupied trying to become mayor of Racine rather than committing himself to the needs of the people who live in the 11th District. Helding, who was a strong supporter of the former mayor, has already announced that he will be a candidate seeking to replace Becker in a special June election.

Although Rogers' name will not appear on the ballot, she says she will be running a full-time campaign to get her message out to voters. "I plan to do all the things that I would normally do if my named would have been on the ballot," she said.

Rogers has owned and operated her business for 25 years and is an active volunteer with the Big Sisters program, Meals on Wheels, and a regular donor to the Red Cross. She also volunteers for Toys for Tots year-round and is an active member of the Democratic Party.

The election for the 11th District Alderman position will be held Tuesday, April 7.


Anonymous said...

Helding is a shoo in unless she is willing to go after him big time for his connections to Becker, his knowledge of Becker's extra-marital activities and his knowledge of Tingle suit against the city where he turned a blind eye towards sexual harassment so that he could keep favored status with Becker and Hughes.
She should run her campaign on cleaning up the whole big moral mess at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Gloria has my vote. Helding does not care about his district, he only cares about his piece of the pie! No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:18-
Do you even live in Heldings district? Helding is doing a great job as alderman and serves his constituents. Rogers, although a nice person, bombed in her car25 interview 2 years ago and faces an uphill battle. The election for obama was over in November. The paperwork to run had to be filed in January. Her excuse doesnt carry water-instead-someone is using her as a pawn and sadly she'll lose even bigger than last time. Helding-95% Rogers 5%. Can you say landslide....

Anonymous said...

Helding needs to give back the money he recivred from the Ex Mayor Becker.
He also needs to join the dems since he thinks so much like them.
How can we help you Ms. Rogers

A Roger Supporter said...

Call her at 262.554.4611 and offer your help to her. I believe she would be glad to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Rogers is getting a great deal of support from this site. Maybe now we can get to women on the city council to brake up Becker and Helding old boy network.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:22 How many people in Heldings district read the insider or even comes to this site. Not many but just in case maybe Heldings should take out a full page ad in the indsider. Maybe Lumpkin would endorse him.

Anonymous said...

Aon549: Like myself, the newspaper is not for sale.
I moved up here from the south some years ago.