Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Insider News Interviews Keith Fair

This year Keith Fair and Alderman Jeff Coe will have two newcomers; Renee Mullen and Mercedes Dzindzeleta, to contend with in a primary election which will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2009.
Kenneth Lumpkin, publisher of the Insider News, sat with Keith Fair for a brief chat on Fair's views on his campaign.


Anonymous said...

Great job explaining the issues.

Anonymous said...

While I am sure that Keith Fair is sincere, He is long on talk and short on specifics.

Mr. Fair mentions the stimulus plan that may or may not come to Racine from the Obama administration. If Racine city is lucky to get the funds, how specifically should they be directed and to who? If the funds are not received, what are his other ideas? The city council really doesn’t create jobs – it approves liquor licenses, approves city planning, raises taxes and fees and such. And -- HOW is he wanting to listen to us in the First District?

Anonymous said...

Great job, do not let these people discourage you. There are some people that are in support of you and it is probably more than you even think.

Anonymous said...

Go get them Keith, you should have ran for Mayor. You are flying too low!!

Ken Lumpkin said...
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Kenneth Lumpkin said...

Please keep remarks to the issues. This blogspot is for people who wants to make comments on the isues.

All personal attacks by guest will be removed.

Secondly: I have no problem in speaking for myself at this location and do not need someone to use my name to say something that they are to coward to say themselves.

I also want to thank the guest that visit this site. Feel free to give comments on how I can improve this Blog. E-mail me at:

Kenneth Lumpkin, Publisher
Insider News

Anonymous said...

You haven't been monitoring the blog in the past, why start now. You are just like the Journal Times.Now all of a sudden you want to shut down personal attacks.

James the Yonger said...

Is not the fact that Fair was dismissed from the KPD an issue? Should that not be explained? or are we holding him to a lower standardized because the Insider wants him (Fair) to win?
Perhaps instead he could talk about his work on the Obama campaign and why so many of his fellow workers say he did not do what he claims to have done or because he is the Man the Insider wants to win ...
Or why has Fair not attended the Change meetings in the first District

Anonymous said...

People keep talking about Keith Fair and the KPD. But no blogger will say what the issue. Anyone can say something about someone without showing proof.
What did Keith do that was wrong and where is the proof?
We know the postive things that he and Coe has done. So tell us about all the bad things about both candidates so we can make up our minds objectivly.

Old man said...

My understand is that he was fired for not reporting a crime might take an open records request to get the records from the KPD if they are subject to open records IDK.
My Guess is that Fair might want to say this is BS or it happened long ago...
Myself that was long ago and we need to give chances for everyone to change.
However his debit/ Small Claims record might go to show being unable to understand economic issues. We all ca get into debit heath issues etc but should be talked about lots of money gets spent by the City of Racine

Anonymous said...

Keith Fair is not the best candidate for the first district. First he has many character flaws. He was let go from the Kenosha Police Department and he was not invited back to be a substitute teacher by Racine Unified. As an alderman he did not get along with his council mates and thus got nothing done for his district. He supported problem bars in which fights, drug dealings and other major problems were going on. He was arrogant-"This ALDERMAN.." he would repeat to all who listened and he still goes around claiming he is former alderman Keith Fair. And then he wants to cut taxes-he never supported a tax cut while on council but instead voted to put money in the budget to hire more DPW employees. Mr. Fair is a nice guy who unfortunately has no credibility and would be a poor fit in the first.

Urban Pioneer said...

I've now spoken with all four candidates, and the "new" ideas are few and far between. I am looking for an Alderman who will demonstrate leadership and spending control. Lower Taxes will attract higher income business and residents to our district.
Refocus on our Business district, suggest how to improve our neighborhoods or transplant some of our folks to places where they can find jobs that fit their skills. Having under qualified persons renting in homes in our area will not attract the jobs they will need. We have the highest unemployment City, (and perhaps district) in the State. Let's try something different.

Anonymous said...

Is the Insider News designed to promote black candidates or to support the needs of African American residents in the First District?

Why hasn’t Ken given space to the other candidates for the First District – only Keith Fair?

Readers should be informed about what their choices are.

Kenneth Lumpkin said...

We have invited all the candidates. We have also invited all the candidates for mayor.

If your candidate have not been invited, please do so on our behalf.

Mercedes Dzindzeleta said...

My name is Mercedes Dzindzeleta, and I am posting here to tell The Insider News and its readers that there are four candidates running for the First District seat for alderman.

I am a candidate for First District Alderman. I am a business owner, community activist and educator and proud to say that I have been endorsed by Progressive Majority as well as many downtown and Sixth Street business owners and have support from many property owners and residents throughout the District.

I love Racine. I believe that the First District is the most diverse district in the city and ALL residents of the district deserve hard-working representation on the City Council. My major concerns are:

Preserving a high level of community services — firefighting and police protection, plus neighborhood centers for young and older — while using taxpayers’ money wisely. We also must recognize that city taxes and fees, which have been rising, are difficult for many residents to pay because of these economic times.

The proposed Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail will create jobs, opportunity and a thriving economy, support our neighborhoods and promote energy conservation. Cities and communities with good mass transit are successful because people of all income levels can get to jobs easily and don't have to worry about extra costs relating to commuting -- like gas, car maintenance and parking. The rail also increases tourism and attracts new residents who want such services.

Pedestrian and street safety helps residents and visitors feel comfortable when shopping, walking, dining, bicycling and driving in the area. People notice more of the shops, theatres and attractions downtown when traffic pauses, and more people want to live and visit downtown. All of this keeps downtown neighborhoods vibrant, healthy and safe. Tourism and residents increase our tax base.

When I took the recent City of Racine’s comprehensive plan survey, it became clear to me that some of the issues relating to the First District are caused by the split of the district. At Eighth Street, the First District is split between the Downtown Racine Plan and the Southside Plan. This division means that services and plans for our area have NOT been coordinated to best benefit our residents and business owners. We need to correct this division so that our community – and the people within it-- can prosper.

I am happy to make myself available to The Racine Insider News to discuss my thoughts and ideas in more detail. I also available to answer questions and dialog with residents of the district.

To learn more about my ideas, endorsements and for other useful links, please see my web site at