Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kaplan withdraws from mayoral race

“I want to connect more dots in a smaller area,” is how James Kaplan, Jr., describes his reason for withdrawing his name as a candidate for mayor of Racine.
Kaplan, who is an alderman and Supervisor of the 4th District, says he wants to take care of the 4th District's back yard -- “you can never tell what the future holds.”
He said that he will patiently wait and see whom he might support for the position that became available when former Mayor Gary Becker was caught in a state sex sting in Milwaukee.
Kaplan's withdrawal reduces the active list of candidates to eight. From the City Clerk's official list the candidates are: Jody Harding, Greg Helding, Pete Karas, James Spangenberg, Gregory Klema, Austin Rodriguez, Robert Turner, and Lesia Hill-Driver.


Anonymous said...

Thank God! He is useless as it stands right now. Smart move Kaplan. How's that Janes School parking situation going??

Anonymous said...

Obviously the Janes School parking situation did not hurt him. Not only did he win relelection but he also won the county board seat. Kaplan should run for mayor!

Anonymous said...

Obviously people in this city are stupid. Didn't he run un-opposed?? LOL