Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fair, Coe to face off for the third time

This year Keith Fair and Alderman Jeff Coe had two newcomers; Renee Mullen and Mercedes Dzindzeleta, to contend with in a primary election, which was held today with a low voter turnout.

Like three other times, Coe and Fair will slug it out in the April 7, 2009 General Election. The two earned the right to go toe-to-toe after the returns gave Coe 117, Fair 72, Dzindzeleta 38, and Mullen 10.

Fair said that his campaign will key in on three areas; economic development, jobs, and services to the 1st District. He says that he will in the near future unveil his plan to addresses unemployment, business development, and transportation, all-important to the growth of the 1st District.
He added that he would continue to aggressive campaign to be elected to the position that both Fair and Coe have been seesawing back and fourth to hold.

In 2005, Fair was elected to the council by three votes over incumbent Jeff Coe. In 2007, Coe returned the favor by beating Fair 217-168. Fair also tried to run against Coe in 2003, but was left off the ballot after then City Clerk Karen Norton ruled Fair did not have enough valid signatures.

Fair, 56, is owner of Fair Investigations Inc., located in downtown Racine, said that the next alderman has to be concerned about all neighborhoods in this diverse district. “As alderman, I can not just be connected to downtown and say my job is done. I have to represent people throughout the District,” he explained.


Anonymous said...

The African-American communty must do better then Mr. Fair to seek office. There are many young men and women would should be encouraged to seek office. Mr. Fair is seen around the city as a pawn and blow hard.

OrbsCorbs said...

Just trying to get some information here. Does anyone know what divinity school Rev. Keith Fair, pastor of Judah Ministries, graduated from and when was he ordained?

Also, there is no listing in the yellow pages or online for a private investigative agency in Racine with "Fair" in the name. Who does Mr. Fair work for, or what is the name of his agency?

OrbsCorbs said...

Boy, do I feel like a fool. It says right in your story that Mr. Fair is
"owner of Fair Investigations Inc., located in downtown Racine." Funny thing is, I can't find any reference to any such agency anywhere other than here. Would you happen to know the agency's license number? The State of Wisconsin's Department of Regulation and Licensing site is a mess.

Insider News said...

His office is located in the same building that Pete Karas is located in on 7th Street. Sorry I do not have the address.

I am also knowledgeable that he investigate cases for several local law firms and several in MIlwaukee.

Keith Fair said...

Thank you Insider for the clarification, but i really do not need to explain or answer questions from people that hide behind these blogs with aninimity and ficticious names. One would believe that these are important people but i personally am not going to entertain the garbage.

OrbsCorbs said...

Wisconsin Private Investigator License Number 5979-63 is issued to Otha Fair. There is no listing for Keith Fair. https://ice.wi.gov/LicenseLookup/summary.do?chid=375384

"Q. When does a person need a license to act as a private detective?
"A. If a person acts as, advertises or otherwise represents that the person is a private detective, private investigator or special investigator."

As near as I can determine, Keith Fair is not licensed to be a private investigator in the state of Wisconsin. However, his wife, Otha, is. What's up. Mr. Fair?

OrbsCorbs said...

How is investigating your claim of being a private investigator by going to a State of Wisconsin website and looking up information "garbage," Mr. Fair?

You have no license to be a "private investigator," unless the State of Wisconsin website is incorrect.

Tom Mix said...

Hey Fair looks like you been busted for the following:
Fired by the KPD
Not being able to pay your debit
Not realy being a P.I. and with the Insider saying he knows you have worked as one to many lawyers, might that be agest the law and perhaps the Statre might be very interested in this whole matter? Unless The Insider lied? Interesting. Guess we will see no updates on this story.

The Kling Man said...

Hey Fair
Who do you think you are saying you "do not need to explain or answer questions from people that hide behind these blogs with aninimity and ficticious names." You chose to put yourself out there so you need to explain these character flaws of yours.

1. Were you fired from the Kenosha PD? or if not fired, asked to resign?

2. Will Racine Unified hire you back as a substitute teacher or for that matter, a teacher?

3. Were you being paid by Total 24 while you were in an alderman?

4. Why were you spotted eating Chesters Chicken behind the counter of a gas station?

5. Why did you defend problem bars and gas stations when the eveidence was clear that they should lose their license?

6. What did you accomplish as an alderman? Did you sponsor any orinances? What businesses did you bring to your district?

7. How can you say you are for lower taxes when you voted to add public works employees in the budget.

8. How will you lower my taxes? What will you cut? Will you support a freeze of all positions?

These are all FAIR and legitimate questions.

Marcus Garvey said...

And Fair will answer none of them. In my perfect world the true Black Leaders would run Fair out of town

Anonymous said...

Why do you all feel so threatened by Kieth Fair. It's like OrbsCorbs life mission to bring him down. Use your energy to promote your candidate. If he is so bad, let the voters decide. You people need to get a life and get over your personal vandetta.

OrbsCorbs you sound like a broken record. If yo don't like Fair don't vote for him. Are you even in the first district? Give it a break, if you have so much to offer you should have ran for office. I am sick of you running off at the mouth about Fair on every website possible. Get a life!
If you are not man enough to have a conversation with Fair face to face and address your concerns, shut up already!

Anonymous said...

Orbs -

I knew you were ignorant about local politics and you just showed it again.

Otha K. Fair = O. Keith Fair

Get out from behind your computer, comb your hair, see a shrink about your issues, and then come out and actually talk to people and you may find out some actual facts instead of the crap you spew.

Anonymous said...

And the other issues?
Total 24
Small Claims actions
Fighting for bars with gang/drug/other issues
RUSD teaching can you or can't you
How about those questions?

Anonymous said...


Keith's full name is Otha Keith Fair.