Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Insider News Interviews Jody Harding

Jody Harding is one of eight candidates that is seeking to replace former Mayor Gary Becker after he resigned recently. Kenneth Lumpkin, publisher of the Insider News, interviews Harding on issues of importance to the African American community. A citywide primary election will be held on Tuesday April 7, 2009 to decide which two of the eight candidates will face off in the May General election.


Anonymous said...

Who does Jody Harding think she is talking down to us and calling us ignorant. The only one who is ignorant is Harding thinking she can walk into the Mayors office. I dont know about you but I think Ron Turner or Lisa Hill would make a better choice. I think Ken Lumpken should run too-he ran 5 years ago and paved the way.

Anonymous said...

Uptown Downtown said...

Mrs. Harding was careful in use of the word Ignorant, to refer to lack of knowledge and opportunities, for people. Ken I think you did a fair job in your Questioning, I'll look forward to further interviews with the rest of candidates.
As for Jody's Blog references which all over the web today. Jody Was Blogging about a topic which would in fact be unconstitutional. She is neither an elitist nor a Racist or otherwise based on her discussions. If in fact she were running for Congress or Senate and was proposing an Amendment to the US Constitution it would be relevant, otherwise it is not.
Common Sense leaving money in the hands of the Taxpayers/ Citizens and spending the Limited resources wisely...Just makes Sense to me.