Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Helding leads WRJN poll

If WRJN listeners have their hands on the pulse of Racine, 11th District Alderman Greg Helding will most likely be Racine’s next mayor.

By telephone Helding shunned the idea that one poll could be the predictor of an election, but welcomes the free publicity.

According to the popular local news station, if voters were to cast their ballots today, Helding would lead the pack by 38% with Kim Plache closing in with 18%.

Alderman/Supervisor Q. A. Shakoor II, an African American, who the Insider News feels will be a very strong contender in the race is presently number four, with State Rep. Robert Turner, another African American, having only 3% of the votes that were cast in the weekend poll. The station said that they would continue the canvassing until the primary for the 14 candidates is held on April 7, 2009.

As of today, only three candidates, Shakoor, Helding, and Leisa Hill-Driver, had turned in their 200-400 signatures, assuring them a place on the ballots.

Helding has already unveiled his oversized patriotic red, white, and blue yard sign. Some feel that voters will use how much candidates are spending to gauge the seriousness of the candidates’ campaigns.

WRJN’s poll results: Helding 38%, Plache 18%, Charon 15%, Shakoor 8%, Dickert 7%, Karas 3%, Turner 3%, Fay 3%, Spangenberg 2%, Rodriguez 1%, Harding 1%, Driver 0%, Slabreiter 0%


Anonymous said...

Harding is a fool for staying in the race. If she is smart, she'll decide not to turn in her papers. We dont need an arrogant slum lord and her little sidekick running city hall.

Anonymous said...

This story is about HELDing, not HARDing...

Anonymous said...

This poll was so slanted because of a concerted effort to sway the results by Helding's backers.