Monday, April 20, 2009

Are the mayoral candidates snubbing the Black press?

by Ken Lumpkin
publisher Insider News

Between the years of 1916 and 1918 southern blacks began populating the urban centers of the north in a movement known as the "Great Migration." This movement was significant to the development of the black press, for it was during this period that the black press became a protest organ and rose to its greatest level of prominence and influence. It also counseled migrants on behavior, as well as false job hopes that existed in the North. The different stances of black newspapers concerning this migration reflect the diversity of a group of people striving for social and economic progress.

Today’s black press faces some of the same challenges. We continue to struggle to maintain our identity in both the black as well as the white community.

The area that the Black press is most over looked and damn right ignored is in the political community.

During the primary election I had said that the election of Racine’s next mayor would come through the African-American community, who represents 27% of the city population. At that time I felt assured that any two candidates emerging from the primary would jump at the opportunity to express their views and commitment to the local minority constituents. After all, both Robert Turner and John Dickert participated in a video segment on our website and outlined a few ideas on how they would address the concerns of the African American community.

However, I was wrong. It seems that both campaigns have taken a hands off approach to the minority media, or to make sure I am correct, to the Insider News.

We (the Insider News) feel that the minority community issues should be addressed as well as other segments of Racine. In fact we feel so strong about it, it has unfolded into a demand. One that we feel the candidates should not blatantly ignore.

This is an example of one of the main questions I feel both candidates should be answering, “How will stimulus funds be spent in Racine’s inner-city to improve the states highest unemployment rate among African American males?”

Undoubtedly, as publisher of the Insider News, I will be strongly criticized for being divisive. There will be those who feel I should keep my mouth shut. However, it is important that I take my 30 years of working with the black press serious at all times, and not when it’s convenient. Some would say no, but I feel there is still a need as well as an obligation for the type of advocacy we present indifferent to the main stream media.

Are both campaigns snubbing the black press? I can’t say. However, we have made an effort to reach out to them.


Anonymous said...

People will go where the wealth, resources, and votes are.
Why go to the black press?
Yes, you are divisive.

A.P. Hill said...

The Insider is simply not worth the time. That is what happens sir when you back IMHO thugs like Keith Fair

Anonymous said...

Once again we are underestimating the minority vote and what it can do in this race. Keith Fair must be real important because why is he always the subject. I will have to call him and tell him to keep up the good work because he definitely has a impact on this political environment. Thank you A.P. Hill who ever you are. I think I will call him now.

Anonymous said...

Take heart Ken Lumpkin, have you read their answers from the JT? They don't say much. Even if they answered your most sincere questions, I doubt you'd get a satisfying answer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are other media sources to reach the black population. Maybe the candidates are ingnoring only the Insider but reaching the black population through other sources. Maybe they are sending a silent message to you, Mr. Lumpkin. Competition might be your problem, not the mayoral candidates.

Anonymous said...

When you take to Mr. Fair will you ask him when he plans to pay his small claims court judgment?

Julie said...

Did they not buy ads with you?

Insider News said...

Delete Comment From: Insider News Online

Ken Lumpkin said...
Dear Julie

I believe that the minority community needs more than just an ad to address their concerns.

I also believe they need more than to be snatched off the streets and told whom to vote for on Election Day.

I think they (the African-American community) should be given the same opportunity to know the candidates that will be making decisions for them for the next 1 1/2 years.

Can you say they should not?

Anonymous said...

Ken, Ken, Ken. Stop it now. You do not speak for the Black community. It appears that you have delusions of grandeur. Please-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!!@! Maybe you should start a White newspaper.Jughead!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"snatched off the streets and told whom to vote for on Election Day."

Would that not be illegal? If so Ken will you tell us who is doing this

Anonymous said...

Ken Lumpkin represents Ken Lumpkin. The so-called black leaders of Racine make their living by ensuring the victimization of their black brothers and sisters. All they have to offer is racial hatred. They offer nothing to blacks that would empower them or help them to support themselves - just keep them slaves to the welfare system. Thousands fought and worked to ensure civil rights for all people in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Black leaders threw that all away to keep their people enslaved and themselves on top of the heap of human misery. Your prejudice and race hatred is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that about Ken. I think you have him all wrong. He have been active in his community for many years and have done some great things.
He have always work for himself and not tried to live of some kind of government programs.

I think his newspaper dose a great job of getting news out to the minority community.

I never heard these bad things about him until he put this blog up.

A.P. Hill said...

"Ken Lumpkin represents Ken Lumpkin. The so-called black leaders of Racine make their living by ensuring the victimization of their black brothers and sisters."

Not all of them, I would agree that IMHO some like Keith Fair are like that and the Bray Center is all about hate, but others like Q.A. are not.

Anonymous said...

A.P.Hill you sound like a hater.Maybe you should do your homework instead of just focusing on the negative.Q. A who was not a serious candidate for mayor or county excutive he is seen in the African American community as a fake.Look at his numbers for mayor in his own district.Shameful.....etc.

Downtowner said...

Ken I'd like to thank you for reaching out To Jody Harding's campaign, we are hopeful we can arrange a Q&A with you sometime in the next few days.

Jody isn't running to be the White or Black candidate, But the candidate that watches for everybody's Green!. Let's try to control Spending and not bow before Madison or Washington and beg for more money with more restrictions.

In the meantime you can read about Jody's responses to assorted questions on her web page.

She also was interviewed by this local Blogger today:

And finally Jody is the ONLY officially Registered Write-In candidate for Mayor...Want a real choice? Write in Jody on May 5th!

Michelle said...

(1) Yours is not the only news source that is available to black folks in Racine, and its pretty arrogant of you to suggest that it is.

(2) You have a tendency to write articles that are more opinion than fact. No one wants to be interviewed for an article by a writer they can't trust to be objective.

(3) Your newspaper usually contains both grammatical and spelling errors that lead people to consider it unprofessional. Case in point -- How many months has Jody Harding's name been in the news, and you still misspelled it on your most recent poll?

(4) Let's keep it real. This complaint isn't a cry on behalf of the minority population. It's a personal complaint froma a man that feels he is entitled to interviews that he hasn't earned through professional reporting, writing or editing. This is abuot you, not us.

It's simple, Ken. Create an excellent paper, and you'll get excellent interviews. Until then, quit your crying.

Oh, and by the a man who has been both a county supervisor and a business owner, how many jobs for black men have YOU created? How many black men work for you right now?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you say A.P. Hill sound like a hater, and need to do some homework. It is a fact that YOU need to do your homework as far as stating Q.A. is a fake. This man has done and continue to do an excellent job for the city and county, who stands up for all people, not just African American. He has been a man of action and not talk! Do your homework and check out all his accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. and by the way, Mr. Craig Oliver we know you are one of the major ones passing out all that false garbage about Q.A. Why are you so jealous & what is your real misson!?