Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gov. Doyle brings millions to Racine

Curtis Garner, Executive Director of BUS management company shakes hands with Gov. Doyle

The money Doyle brought Racine today is part of $34.5 million overall funding given Wisconsin from the Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Mayor Friedel welcome Doyle to the city
Mayor Tom Friedel welcome Gov. Jim Doyle to town this afternoon to deliver more than $2.4 million to the city for new buses.
The funds will go towards four hybrid buses. Doyle said these four buses will save the city about 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

In addition it will also purchase three clean-diesel buses. “These will replace older buses and are 40% cleaner than older diesel technology,” Doyle explained.
Doyle speaks to a KRM supporter

A lesser potion of the money, about $186,000, will include a magnetic swipe card system. This will allow passengers to pay using credit or debit cards. Jokingly Doyle said the system would tell drivers whether students using the card were allowed to be out of school.

Curtis Garner, Executive Director of the transit system in Racine, said that he was encouraged by and grateful for the city's acquisition of stimulus funds for the transit system. “It is important to note however, that these funds are a one-time source of funding for the Belle Urban System (BUS), and do not reduce the imminent need for a stable dedicated funding source for our ongoing local transit operations.”
He said, “If we continue to rely heavily on state and federal funding for transit, and fund our local share with property taxes, we are at risk of losing our public transit system.”
We need to follow the lead of most other large metropolitan regions and shift the cost of local transit to a sales tax, a stable funding source that doesn't overburden one specific segment of our population,” he warned.
Carol Vinson joins Gov. Doyle in support of a RTA board.

Karl Ostby, Chairman of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority (RTA) said today, “While these funds will address some capital needs, the transit systems in southeastern Wisconsin cannot continue to operate without securing a dedicated funding source. Although the stimulus funds will help the financial situation of our transit operators, they are simply plugging one hole in the bucket. A long-term, stable funding source to fund an integrated transit system remains critical. “
Jody Karis, a RTA board member listens to Gov. Doyle presentation

His statement went own to say, “The funds presented today are a relief for our local transit providers, but further illustrate the urgent need to act in the current state budget to find real solutions to the transit funding crisis that our region is facing.”


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