Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harding speaks out on the issues

"People were confused," says Jody Harding. They were overloaded with information and given almost no time to sift through it. Many voters gave up and just marked the name they recognized.

The Insider News hosted Saturday, April 25, 2009,  a 28 minute exclusive interview with write-in candidate Harding. The mini forum was video taped and is being streamed on this website for your viewing and comments.

Harding was one of eleven candidates for mayor in the primary on April 7.  She came in 7th, with 6.5% of the vote. Harding says she believes her message "got lost amid the noise of so many, predominantly liberal candidates.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Jody Harding, but Ken Lumpkin's lack of objectivity irks me even more.

In this interview, Ken Lumpkin states that "write in campaigns almost never succeed". He also asks Jody Harding if she is worried that a write-in campaign might ruin her career, like some people feel that it did for Jim Smith.

I don't recall him ever making statements or asking questions of this nature during interviews with his pal Gloria Rodgers.

Stay consistent, Ken. Your bias shows and it greatly undermines your credibility as a "reporter".

A.P. Hill said...

Ken Lumpkin is not a reporter the Insider is his forum to make a living from the Innner-City nothing more IMHO.
Why else would he back Keith Fair?

Downtowner said...

Jody and her team has been getting this questions about Write-in candidacy, and it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask.

Her answer was valid and understandable. A "New" name in an 11 candidate field is understandable. Jody isn't playing Spoiler here, she is bringing a Different of Governmental philosophy, (a more Constitutional approach), and thinks Less government is better.