Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lesia Hill-Driver, right, a former candidate for Mayor of Racine, pictured with Ryan Gleason and Bonnie Prochaska, reviews questions to ask mayoral candidates Robert Turner and John Dickert, at the Community for Change debate held at Gateway Techincal College last week. All forums and debates are over and people await for Tuesday for an answer as to who will be Racine’s next mayor.

My prediction: I believe that this is one of the hardest elections in recent history to call.

Most people I talk to feel that Dickert has a slight edge over Turner. However, I feel strongly that Jody Harding will do much better with her write-in campaign than election watchers feel she will do. With a strong successful write-in launched by Harding, shifts the edge as well as the election to Turner.

Another X-factor is the unions. They are placing their future political clout on Bob being elected Tuesday. So with that you can assure yourself that an all out GOTV will be launched in the inner-city, an automatic vote that will be carried by Turner.

I believe that Dickert dose not have a lead great enough to overcome the factor above.

Turner wins with 48% of the votes.

Voter turn-out will be low, about 15%,


Anonymous said...

Whereas I respect your analysis, the minority not the union will make the difference.Dickert has done the same thing that Becker has done. He has talked down to the black community labeling them drug lords and slum people and IMHO his method of compaigning by attempting to interject fear just will not work this time.

A.P. Hill said...

I would agree. I also feel that the attacks on Turner by Dickert are in poor taste. I also feel that Dickert has proven himself by this action to be nothing more then a Mini Becker.

I also predict that Turner will not be an effective Mayor due to the favors he will owe to folks like Keith Fair and his ilk.

Racine woes will get worse much worse

Keith Fair said...

I am impressed by the attention, but it is just not effective anymore.Have a nice day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Turner lost because of his affiliation with the likes of Keith Fair. Keith Fair has lost his last two elections-better wakeup and realize he's not a player.