Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lumpkin Makes Early Anouncement: He’s Running!

Is Insider News Publisher Ken Lumpkin taking a chapter out of Brett Favre’s play book? At the end of the 2008 general election Lumpkin said after losing by one vote that he would not seek public office again.

Now he is hinting to friends that he will try to be elected to the Racine County Board or as a city Alderman in the 4th District. “I haven’t seen anything that the present Supervisor has done in the past two years.”

Lumpkin said that trying to be both Alderman and Supervisor was a big mistake on his part as shown by the present office holder’s incapability to move legislation to benefit people of the 4th District forward.

The 4th District, which is about 65% minority, and leads the city as the highest unemployment District among African Americans, was not informed about jobs created with stimulus money. “It’s the job of elected officials to keep their residents informed about the opportunities available to them.

He says that local elected officials are not transparent and are anti-small business. “I will spend the first two years after I am elected improving the quality of life and bring government to the people,” said Lumpkin.

Lumpkin says he has set a goal to work with Neighborhood Watch to organize 20 new blocks in the 4th District, create a citizens patrol unit, and offer police officers the opportunity to buy homes in the central city for $1 dollar.
He told supporters that he would help to create five new small businesses in the fourth district his first year back in office.

“We can’t sit by and wait for the economy to make a swing, we have to work to stimulate it with creative ideas,” he suggested.
One of his ideas is to launch a ‘Racine Buy Local Campaign.’ He says, "People don't always make the connection between their quality of life and the choices they make through their purchases." Independent businesses in and around the city would be joined together to urge residents to "think local first" when shopping. “This would keep needed revenue in Racine giving local businesses the opportunity to grow and hire locally.

If Lumpkin decides to run it would be in the April Spring Election and his opponent would be Jim Kaplan, who holds both the Alderman and Supervisor position in the 4th District.
Lumpkin could not officially start his campaign until December 2009.


Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Mr. Lumpkin,
Just what did you do for the 4th District during your 8 year term as County Supervisor?

Meet the Old Boss said...

Please consider that we really don't need your help.

GinaB said...

Ken -

You have no posted email address, so I'm leaving this information with the hope that you receive this information.

Six African-American students and their parents are suing the Whitewater public school district for negligence due to an incident involving death threats against the aforementioned students. You might want to check this out. The complaint appears to have merit and could result in bringing light on the topic of negligent discrimination in predominately Caucasian school districts.

- GinaB