Sunday, September 20, 2009

George Stinson, CEO and President of General Converters & Assemblers, Incorporated shakes hands with Connie Zuniga and Maria Ruiz, employees of the company.

Racine’s Largest Minority Business Celebrates 40 Years

General Converters & Assemblers, Incorporated was founded in 1969 by George R. Stinson. For the past 40 years, GCA, Inc. has contributed to the community through its services in the packaging, pallet and chemical fields. GCA has provided cutting edge services and quality not offered by even larger companies. The company located 1325 16th Street, has provided jobs for inner-city residents and assisted in improving the quality of life for people who may have never been given an opportunity.

The plant mission is to provide quality products in a timely manner to our customers at an economical cost.

GCA Packaging Division provides state of the art automated packaging services, as well as, maintaining the tradition of hand assembly packaging. The company has the ability to custom design packaging and repackaging for our clients. In 1999, GCA was awarded the ISO-9001:2000 and QS-9000 Quality certification.

GCA Pallet Manufacturing specializes in the reconditioning of used pallets. The pallet division is able to design and construct pallets to meet the specifications of the customer. This gives the customer the ability to custom design their pallet needs and not be restricted to standard pallet size.

KAO, Incorporated, GCA’s fully owned subsidiary, provides chemical specialty manufacturing. KAO, Inc. produces and packages soaps, liquid-detergents, and water purifying tablets. TRI-SAN is a sanitizing tablet used exclusively for washing and sanitizing utensils.

The future is looking bright. As a company we have maintained cutting edge technology and continue to insist that the quality of our products remain our priority to the customer. General Converters & Assembler, Incorporated takes pride in the opportunities it presents to our employee base, the contributions made to the community and for providing our customers
GCA has 101 full time employees.

George R. Stinson is CEO of GCA, Georgann Stinson Dockery is Vice President-Operations, and Bernell Barker is Senior Vice President.

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