Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keith Fair, left, shown with his staff.

Former downtown Alderman Keith Fair will be opening his newly acquired Tango Bar, located at 509 6th Street, just in time for this Friday’s Party on the Pavement event.

Fair, who acquired the nightspot through a change in agency, said that his club would have a little something for everyone. Soft music that includes jazz, and R & B, as well as music sometimes described as “old school.”

He said that the place will be open seven-days a week and will entertain people who want to just sit around and chat. In addition, he says the club will host a variety of specialty nights. “”The business is unfolding at a great time when so much is happening on 6th Street and other new businesses are opening up,” said Fair

He said that he believes that his and other new businesses will be successful because of the diversity of the area’s establishments.


God said...

Well the Rev. Fair is now in the bar biz. Couldn't cut it as a preacher, public investigator, aldersman, teacher and a cop so now he's gonna peddle beer. Hey Reverend, are your ladies required to wear those short shorts?

Pete Karas said...

Keith is a member of the communist party.

Keith Fair said...

Thank you, it is no better send off and approval than from Pete Karas and God. God bless each and everyone of you!!!