Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Express: Helping Mothers Keep Their Young Kids Healthy

Researchers and health experts have sought unsuccessfully for years to determine why African American women suffer significantly higher infant mortality rates than their white counterparts. As this gap between black and white infant deaths continues to expand, it is time to adopt new approaches towards addressing this issue.

Nicole Urquhart is doing her part to destroy the infant mortality rate by helping parents access healthcare and keep their children healthy. She is the founder and owner of Baby Express. This business is a non-emergency medical transport service for any individuals, adults and children, on Title 19 who need rides to medical appointments. Those appointments include eye, dental, regular physician, specialty, and counseling.

Urquhart started Baby Express in October 2010. She stated that Belle Urban System in Racine does provide door-to-door transportation for the elderly and disabled, but not pregnant women because it is not considered a disability. Her heart is to cater to pregnant women and moms and dads, who have trouble getting to appointments, which can be a factor in the infant mortality rate.

The service is free to those covered by Title 19. Others not covered can ride for a small donation, although transportation will not be denied if a donation cannot be given. The donations collected will go towards providing newborn baby packages. For moms, those packages include such things as socks, toiletries, a comb, and a hat for the newborn. For dads, it includes toiletries. This transportation service is available to fathers as well as mothers.

Urquhart said, “We encourage fathers to come along with the mothers to accompany them to their own appointments and the children’s appointments. We want them to be involved.”
Car seats are also provided as an extra benefit. Urquhart said, “I feel that customer service is key to this business.” Those interested in obtaining service can call 800-579-1145 to register.

Customers will need to provide their membership ID on their Forward card. In addition, to be eligible for service, you must be a resident of Racine County and your appointment must be authorized by a physician that is covered by title 19. Eligibility is determined by Racine County. The call center is open Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm and transportation is provided Mon-Sat 8:00am-5:00pm anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin.

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