Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Racine Senator wants to repeal racial profiling law

Recently my column in the Insider News entitled Neckbonology, I dove into the discussion of how the recent election of new conservatives and members of the tea party will impact minorities and especially African-Americans.

In the prelude of the article I suggested, "It is no doubt that the civil rights gained in the 60s and 70s will be repealed once these advocates of less government take office. The most likely results are that these cuts will create an even wider gap between the have and have-nots of this country. We can expect in the future the inability of poor people to be able to empower themselves in order to improve their condition in America.”

According to the Badger Harold website, senator-elect Van Wanggaard, a Republican from Racine, wants to repeal traffic stop race data collection law. “All that’s going to do is fuel more disconnection with the community and the law enforcement,” said Wanggaard, who has served 30 years as a Racine police officer.

Vanggard who was recently appointed chair of the state Senate Committee on Labor, Public Safety and Urban Affairs by new Republican majority leader Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, said the law would encourage the type of racial profiling it intends to resolve.

The new law effective Jan. 1 will require police officers to collect certain information at traffic stops, including the race or ethnicity of the driver of the vehicle, according to the Office of the Justice Assistant.

The law is intended to determine whether there is a disproportionate number of traffic stops between minorities and non-minorities.

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