Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City’s Crime Prevention Efforts Continue to Payoff

State Awards Grant for More Police Personnel, NNO wins 19th Award

RACINE – The City of Racine’s crime prevention efforts have recently been recognized both by the State of Wisconsin and nationally.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has announced the City of Racine has been awarded a Beat Patrol grant totaling $179,903.00 for additional police personnel.

“Crime prevention has always been one of our top priorities,” said Mayor John Dickert. “Creating a safer community involves the city and its residents partnering and working together. The award (NNO) is exciting and the grant will be very helpful in increasing our efforts which have resulted in the crime rate for Part 1 crimes being at a 73-year low in our city.”

Also, for the 19th consecutive year, Racine has been announced as a National Award Winner for its outstanding participation in the 27th Annual National Night Out (NNO) crime, drug, and violence prevention program held August 3, 2010.

Nearly 6,000 people enjoyed themselves and came out in support of the program at almost 60 events in the Racine area. NNO is coordinated in our city through Racine Neighborhood Watch, Inc.

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